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Tracy Kirkley

Lead Consultant

021 2871666

My Story

I have been in business sharing Scentsy since June 2017. I was invited to a Launch party, in 2015 and I went along, having no idea what the products were , or had never even heard of them.. I tried, I buyed, I fell in love with the range, and importantly the quality and exquisite & wide range of choice with their warmers, its very hard to find nice ones anywhere in retail. So I went crazy and bought my first one... and then bought 2 more.. plus a range of my favorite scent bars. I booked my own party in 2017. ...and havent looked back since !

I believe in the QUALITY of these products..... they are fun, elegant, practical, and tailor made to suit your personal fragrance and home style. Scentsy is an amazing company to work for, such great support at every level. Join me on the journey - the rewards are amazing. Scentsy has something for everyone ; .... There will be a fragrance and product that is just right for you, and a wider range of products that will enhance your home car, laundry, skincare and :-)

Happily married, living the dream on our adorable lifestyle block- along with husband, our daughter, various hens, cats, ponies and guinea pigs. Yes I AM an animal nut :-) . But the house smells nice and fresh, or like home baking , pretty much all the time, Thanks Scentsy !

My Favourite Scents